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Suspicion's Greatest Tracks is just that. 14 of their most hard-hitting, Guitar Crunching party anthems. One of Southern Californias greatest hard rock bands, these guys deliver one of the best hard rock compilation albums ever. A great album for any road trip. You'll get there in half the time !!!

Johnny A.
San Diego, CA
This is the album that helped pave the way for this band. SUSPICION, more notorious and known in the underground leagues as one of the biggest influences in the glam metal scenes of the 80's, produced HOLLYWOOD NITES, arguably one of the best debut albums to ever hit. HOLLYWOOD NITES, with its jarring guitars, appropriate harmonics, and musical progressions is a guarantee that this disc is worth owning and cherishing. I personally guarantee that adding this album to your collection will boost your listening pleasure.

Patrick B.
Carson, CA
There was always something that stood out about Suspicion, fans were drawn to it. The groove of the guitars, the memorable catchy songs, and the charismatic band members made the group unique, especially among the Hollywood “cookie cutter” bands of the 80’s. Fans were addicted in almost a cult like fashion, vying for the attention of the band, and happy to belong in such a wave, growing momentum with every show, and singing along. Suspicion went from obscurity to a respectful headlining position in an amazingly short time, earning the respect of many larger “signed” bands, with more recognition.

Jennifer W.
A&R Sessions Coordinator
Warner Bros
Los Angeles
Suspicion… These guys rock like a ball and chain.
Roving Eye Music Report
Suspicion, the ultimate San Diego party band of the 80's, has rocked it up a notch with the re-mastered release of Hollywood Nites. If you were a fan in 1982, this CD will take you back to the days of straight whiskey, Aqua Net, spandex pants and candy apple red Camero's. This CD comes at you just how you like, straight, hard and loud and is the next best thing to seeing this local powerhouse live and in person. This CD is a must for any true connoisseur of the genre!

Theresa W.
Austin, Texas
Here we go again…” Suspicion rocks the house. As a huge 80s and glam rock fan, it’s a great pleasure to hear the jagged edge of this original band cut through the crap of imitators out there and deliver the fresh, yet familiar chord of true metal. A verifiable blast from the sex, drugs and rock and roll of the 80s past. This is great stuff. I’ll gladly keep my “face in the dirt.

Emeka O
San Diego, CA
Suspicion - Hollywood nites, this takes me back to the 80's when rock n roll , rocked and rolled! With songs like Bringin' on the heat, Hollywood Nites, and Face in the Dirt, you can't go wrong! Grab this as fast as you can!!!

Michael B.
Blanding, UT
I love Suspicion’s music! It brings back wonderful memories of high school in the 80’s, big hair, pretty glam rock stars and their full makeup! Their music still rocks!

Manisha M.
San Diego, CA
Absolutely one of the coolest sounding bands I’ve ever heard !
These guys sound like Dokken or Scorpions with Vince Neil from Motley Crue on lead vocals, but with better songs. If these guys ever tour again, I’ll be the first in line for tickets.

John G.
Spokane, WA

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