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Opening for RIOT at the
Country Club in Reseda 1988


Promo Shot circa 1988

Joey and Mick bending some notes !

Joey La Fontaine letting it go !


Sound Check Country Club
Reseda, California


J Joey... a cross between Axl
and the Cult's Ian Astbury

Taking the stage at the
Del Mar Skateboard Park

Re Decorating somewhere in LA


Another shot of the stage at the
Del Mar Skateboard Park


Jorge applying "Shock and Awe"

Gary Dean laying it down !

A Thundering Sound Check


Electric Reflections of War !!!


Mick and his "Six Gun"

The "Flying V" before being refinished

Rob crankin' it to 11


Jorges silver set.


Applyng "The Bar" full throttle

Battle stations at Straight Ahead
Dinner Theatre San Diego 1986

Shock Me !!!


Wailing 1985


Joe during his "Mistreated" days

God of Thunder !!!

Rob definitely made it look like it hurt !


Jerry Heald airing it out
San Diego 1984


Somewhere in San Diego

Suspicion as a 5 piece
Straight Ahead Dinner Theatre

4 string master of thump


Rob and Mick
Millers Garage 1984


Jerry setting his sights




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